About Us

New Image Weight Loss Clinic has been in business for many years in providing a support system and a healthy transition to a new beginning to life. Weight loss has been a struggle for many adults due to life style, and becoming overwhelmed with daily life. Our program has success rate of 99%. We believe in along term approach to weight loss which consist of lifestyle modification, providing each patient with a support group, and providing the fundamentals of how the body metabolism functions. Whiting our clinic, we offer more than appetite suppressants, we offer patient education on how to transition to a healthy lifestyle. We believe in maintenance and being healthy. We cater to each and every individual needs.

We at New Image understand, that every human body metabolism functions differently, Therefore, it is essential to educate each patient differently. We have had much success with patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetes type one and two, Hypothyroidism, and child obesity. This success has been so great due to our method of providing service on an individual basis. Our goal is to provide education which will then provide you with a long term effect.

Many diet programs with fast weight loss without education will have a counter effect. A counter effect is when a patient looses an enormous amount of weight in short period of time with out proper guidance/education and then again all the weight back in addition to a few pounds extra. This logic of weight loss is a waste of time, frustrating, and most importantly, it damages the body. We promote healthy living which consist of providing a diet program of food proportion appetite suppressants, daily activities and confidence. With this method we guarantee you to a new sculpted body, being less fatigue and more active.

New Image Weight Loss Clinic is your family and is here to help you obtain your goal.